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Support Winnemem Wintu Cultural Survival!

SIGN the petition and SHARE.


Then write your congress representatives directly!  No matter what state you live in, your federal legislators will vote on this.  Tell them to vote NO on raising Shasta Dam!

This is not a drill.  This is as real as it gets.

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i’m a sucker for validation, please follow my sideblogs

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pack up your skin cells


i’ve been trying to carve figures out of my bone marrow
that aren’t the exact shape and colour of your hands
and eyes and don’t resonate with the sound your whispers
made when you fluttered in with the bats and celestial light

that night i dreamed you asked me to resemble the stars too

i sewed up my lips with what’s left of your pulmonary artery.
there’s not much there, but that isn’t my fault.
you didn’t tell me to help myself, but graverobbery
is a hobby we have in common, it’s not all bad.

if i was braver, i’d ask you to think about this:
i only dream of visceral wails in heart-wrenching streets.
i only dream of golden light crushing your cheekbones.
i only dream of your hands never quite fitting mine.
i wish i were lying, i’m trying not to dream at all these days.

i sewed up my lips with what’s left of my capillaries.

if i hadn’t, i’d have asked you by now to please, please,
stay out of my chest cavity. please get your lovely fingers out
of my fine print alveoli and stand far away.

please look at me so hard that i disintegrate: i know
you’ll understand more if you do to me what i’ve done to you.

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hannigraham: Nose, Neck, Cheeks, Hips

Nose: What is your favorite perfume/candle fragrance? - rose ;w ;

Neck: Do you wear necklaces? - occasionally! not that often, i’m mostly too lazy to accessorise 

Cheeks: Do you blush easily? - i’m not sure! i get embarrassed easily, though. 

answered hips!

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istandonsnowpiles: Eyes, Feet!

Eyes: What is your favorite show to watch? - uhh. probably breaking bad, lately!

Feet:   Favorite pair of shoes? - my plain black doc martins. i’m not big on buying leather first-hand but they were a gift when i was thirteen and i’ve worn them a lot so they’re super comfy and they make me feel safe and powerful

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